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Tools to meet ISO 9001 standards

Article-Tools to meet ISO 9001 standards

Designed to help companies meet ISO 9001 standards is a new series of computer-based tools and system documentation. The tools aim to help employees understand the transition to the new standards while reducing the time and effort needed to meet the requirements.

The Essentials of ISO 9001 training software on CD-ROM with manual explains the new standard?s key elements. It is most useful for employees who are not required to know ISO chapter and verse, but would like a basic understanding of the standards. The CD-ROM starts at $895 and the pocket guide at $349, both for 50 trainees; it is available in English and Spanish.

Eliminating the need to rename and renumber existing procedures is the Quality Manual Plus guide. Templates for meeting requirements, establishing objectives, and links to existing system documentation are provided electronically in MS Word 6.0 for $249.

The Audit Guide, also in Word 6.0, identifies implementation issues and provides updates for audit support documentation. Audit questions based on the new standard, a description of the changes, guidance for auditing, and space for recording company audits are all featured. Price is $199.

Typical competencies for a range of job types are supplied in the Personnel Competency and Visual Tracking System, which also identifies coverage and opportunities for training. It ships in Word 6.0 and costs $199.

The Design Process guide helps implement the design elements for the new standard, drawing on existing design processes. Formatted in Word 6.0, it includes design forms, sample design quality plans, sample design processes, and engineering change documentation. Price is $149.

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