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Interactive online systematic molding training

As our businesses run increasingly lean, and of necessity we put a magnifying glass over our budgets, RJG Inc. (Traverse City, MI) has begun offering its molding process training courses over the Internet to both optimize student time and eliminate travel costs. Currently, the Injection Molding Essentials and Systematic Molding 1 courses are available as online classroom experiences, complete with student-teacher interaction, with more courses to be added.

Rob Neilley

February 19, 2009

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Interactive online systematic molding training

Gary Chastain, RJG’s consulting manager, says making the company’s interactive training easily accessible was crucial, “especially because of today’s financial climate.” The Essentials course is for someone new to molding who needs a solid foundation in the process and production techniques. Systematic Molding 1 imparts strategies for a stable process, data collection and analysis to minimize viscosity variation, and more. Both courses are prep for RJG’s Master Molder certifications.

The course format is 1- to 2-hour blocks per day over two weeks, and the first classes are set for the weeks of March 23 and March 30. RJG has partnered with an online meeting provider to offer features such as white board capability, live polling, video, and more. Plus, the RJG support team will answer any questions that arise. As usual with RJG, the training carries a 100% money-back guarantee. Click here for full information. [email protected]

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