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May 1, 2001

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3D Non-Contact Surface And Color Texture Digitizer Is Portable

May, 2001


3D Non-Contact Surface And Color Texture Digitizer Is Portable

0501/pn-5Minolta's Vivid 300 3D Digitizer is a portable computer-peripheral scanner designed for input into a PC or laptop computer. It uses a Class 1 laser-light stripe triangulation and is said to scan an object in 0.6 sec. It then inputs the captured shape data and color texture maps into the PC. This non-contact 3D digitizing technology is designed to eliminate the need for tape and pen-type sensors and is said to speed the overall digitizing process.

With the Vivid 300, an object's image is captured in 200 x 200 (40,000) range points for surface mapping and in 400 x 400 (160,000) points for color texture mapping. A single scan covers x and y axes ranging from 7.3 x 7.3 in. to 15.6 x 15.6 in.

The unit is supplied with a utilities software package that is said to provide easy alignment and merger of multiple scans and to enable smoothing, decimation and hole filling.

The Vivid 300 supports both Windows NT and SGI computer platforms with data export capabilities to a range of applications including rapid prototyping, CAD, CAM industrial design and reverse engineering.

"Depending on customer needs, Vivid 300 3D digitizers are available with varied features at multiple price points," says MartinChader, Business Unit Manager. So check out the Key Contact Directory on p 39 so you can contact him directly for pricing information.

Minolta Corp.
Instrument Systems Div.
Ramsey, NJ

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