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Bioplastics News Stream

Article-Bioplastics News Stream

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BioCO2-Trapping project, trash-to-bioplastic startup UBQ, INEOS Styrolution's bio-attributed polymers, Braskem biopolymers get starring role, world's thinnest optical films, charting bioplastic records.

One of the most dynamic categories in plastics is for bioplastics aka biopolymers and related bio-based materials made from renewable sources.

The articles PlasticsToday publishes related to this high-interest, fast-accelerating topic represent only the fraction of what’s happening in this market. That’s the idea behind this new and regularly updated curated stream of Tweets drawn from X, formerly known as Twitter, dedicated to bioplastic news, research, and innovations.

To keep the stream fresh, content will be limited to about the last three to four weeks, please check back regularly. 

BioCO2-Trapping project transforms carbon dioxide into useful polymers for the production of bioplastics.

Israeli trash-to-bioplastic startup UBQ raises $70 million and plans to open a plant in the Netherlands in 2023. UBQ counts Mercedes-Benz and McDonald’s as customers.

INEOS Styrolution launches new US produced grade of bio-attributed polymers.

Braskem’s biopolymers to get starring role on Bloomberg Television’s “World’s Greatest…!” series.

Flex Enable’s patented manufacturing solution replaces glass substrate with bioplastic film to make world’s thinnest active optical films.

Growth continues in bioplastic vinyl records.

The global bioplastic composites market for injection molding forecast for 11.1% CAGR from 2023 to 2030.

Fraunhofer WKI demonstrates 3D-printed column made from natural-fiber-reinforced bioplastic.

Fire-retardant, wastewater-based biopolymer for polypropylene materials.

Yield10 Bioscience paper describes the successful coproduction of PHA biopolymer and oil in Camelina seed.

Market for biopolymer coatings growing 6.2% yearly.

Bioplastics coatings on packaging yield same microplastics problems as conventional plastics.

AIMPLAS’ European BioICEP Project transforms synthetic plastics into biodegradable bioplastics.

A survey of bioplastics applications.



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Breaking News in Bioplastics

Bioplastics and related bio-based materials made from renewable resources are among the hottest categories in plastics today. Keep up with the pace of innovation with our bioplastics news stream.