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3D Print a Doll of Yourself and Other Strange Objects

Video-3D Print a Doll of Yourself and Other Strange Objects

You can now create a 3D printed clone doll. That’s just one of 10 very weird 3D-printed products.

This video shows several odd 3D-printed objects. My favorite is the 3D printed doll of yourself. How that’s for a perfect holiday present?

Other strange and cool objects include a ready-to-crawl caterpillar robot and a 3D printed music box. Another is 3D-printed sugar that is flavored. How about a bacterial tattoo?

The 3D-printed flosser is another peculiar product. Just looking at the contraption is scary. Talk about frightening, look at the spider dress. Or how about the age suit. It’s designed to help people feel what it’s like to walk around with an older body.


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