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In Stunning Move, Formlabs Shakes Up 3D-Printing Paradigm

Newest addition to printer portfolio eliminates inherent complexity of third dimension.

Norbert Sparrow

March 31, 2022

We can honestly say we did not see this coming. While 3D-printing technology has made tremendous progress over the years, challenges remain, as noted by Formlabs co-founder and CEO Max Lobovsky. “Our mission is to make this technology simpler and easier to use. We are constantly asking ourselves what we can remove from the challenge of using a 3D printer, and we realized that most of the complexity comes from the third dimension. If we can remove that, we can revolutionize 3D printing.” Enter the Form 2D.

Whether for printing important documents or CAD designs, the Form 2D is the perfect pre-prototyping companion that will help makers and hobbyists get their ideas on paper without the pitfalls of traditional paper printers, said Formlabs in its announcement.

Key features of the Form 2D include:

  • PreForm software compatibility. The Form 2D removes the need to dig around for thumb drives or SD memory cards. Formlabs’ print preparation software, Preform, seamlessly exports 3D files to the Form 2D, delivering striking part renderings on high-quality paper.

  • Easy-to-replace toner kits. Formlabs’ successful stereolithography Color Kit delivers a kaleidoscope of colors in the included broad spectrum toner kit. Compared with traditional 2D printers, the Form 2D has a simple top-loading slot to replace toner cartridges, much like replacing a resin cartridge on the Form 3+, said Formlabs. 

  • Remote printing. The Form 2D offers the same remote printing feature as the company’s Form 3+ and Form 3L, enabling users to send documents to the printer from another location, so that when you come into the office, a stack of papers awaits you. In the age of remote work and hybrid workspaces, and interruptions to the daily grind, the Form 2D can also be easily moved from location to location to print documents anywhere.

Appropriately, the Form 2D will be commercially available starting on April 1.

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