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November 1, 1998

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Product News -  Pad Printer Design Allows Two Color Printing With One Fixture

Pad Printer Design Allows Two Color Printing With One Fixture

pn-20.jpgThe Duoseal transfer pad printer, from Trans Tec, is a single- or two-color pad printing machine based on a new concept. By using two transfer pads mounted to a vertical tower that rotates 90 deg alternately in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, it is possible to print two colors with only one stationary holding fixture.

This design is said also to allow printing of images on two different part levels by two independently controlled pneumatic pad cylinders. The rotating motion for the pad tower is provided by a mechanically operated index table and the machine is mounted to a free-standing base. In addition, each of the two colors can be independently double-printed for more opacity.

Other features include: 80 mm dia maximum print image; 800 to 1000 cycles/ hr, depending on machine parameters; a mechanically cam-operated index unit for smooth pad rotating motion and high two-color registration accuracy; X-Y-R adjustable cliche positioning; X-Y pad coupler for fast pad position set-up; sealed ink cup system for continuous operation and low ink maintenance; a hand-held operating control panel that can also be attached to the machine front; clear safety doors with interlock; and an automation interface and programmable controller. A pad clean-off device is optional.

Trans Tech America, Inc.
Carol Stream, IL

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