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February 1, 1999

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Product News - Pad Printing Systems Go Modular

Pad Printing Systems Go Modular

pn432-99.jpgThe Modular Automatic Printing System (MAPS) from Trans Tech allows customers to specify the pad printing elements they need without the cost of a custom-engineered system.

A range of printing machines and auxiliary equipment can be configured, and within the parameters of each item of equipment, users can mix and match the elements to suit their requirements.

When purchasing a MAPS system, users can choose from the following modules:

  • Type of printer (includes the manufacturer's Sealcup 60, Sealcup 90, Combi 90 or Combi 130);

  • Part feeding and loading options (manual or automatic);

  • Part transport (dial indexer);

  • Pretreatment (spot or corona);

  • Curing (hot air gun, thermodiffusion or infrared spot); and

  • Unload options (manual, rake-off or pick and place).

A sample MAPS configuration would include a manual loading system, a Sealcup 90 pad printer with optional X-Y table, dial indexer, part present sensor, thermodiffusion cure and pick and place unload.

Because the modular design enables interchangeable items and functions, a MAPS system can be later adapted to new applications with a minimum of retooling and easy replacement of components.

A critical element of the automatic system is the use of AS-interface (ASI) technology in connecting the individual equipment controls. ASI uses a single cable to power and monitor signals from each electrical unit. It is said to be a 'highly' reliable method with optimum safety and diagnostic features.

Each MAPS machine comes with detailed documentation, including an operator's manual, spare parts list, component information, electrical and mechanical system drawings, specifications and maintenance procedures.

Because of the level of customization possible, the manufacturer asks that you contact it directly for pricing information (check out the Key Contact Directory).

Trans Tech America, Inc.
Carol Stream, IL

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