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January 1, 2006

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Screenprinting machine integrates with robots

A fully automated screenprinting machine was developed for use with injection molding machine robots. The machine dial is specially made to match the number of cavities in the injection mold. The unloading robot first takes the printed and UV-cured products off of the machine dial. The dial then rotates 45° (if the robot has no wrist movement) and the array of four (or more) products is loaded onto the spindles of the printing machine. Automatic ink dispensing and part detectors allow the machine to work without an operator present. Changeover between two different sizes of products is also automated. A 45° motion of the dial brings the new array of four spindles into alignment with the robot takeoff head.

Systematic Automation Inc., Farmington, CT
(860) 677-6400; www.systauto.com  

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