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Universal screen printing machine decorates tubes and other articles

May 1, 2002

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Universal screen printing machine decorates tubes and other articles

The K14-T screen printing machine provides multicolor printing in a compact, small-footprint frame equipped with up to six print stations. The machine has mechanical mandrel load and unload stations and also works for tubes with closed necks. Linear, continuous transport of the article mandrels on a high-precision chain drive reportedly provides more flexibility than a rotary design. The machine uses UV-curing aggregates with pneumatic lift and selectable output power for thorough color curing. A permanent vacuum system (-80 kPa) holds the tubes on the mandrel. The machine has an optical preregistration system and is suitable for a range of pretreatment systems. Optional lacquering stations can be placed before or after the print stations. The manufacturer reports short changeover times, technically simple operations, and low maintenance requirements.

Additional features include a differential sled that synchronizes the screen stroke to the article rotation using the same base spur wheel. The machine is electronically controlled by a PLC and digital-cam system with time compensation for pneumatic functions. It uses basic pneumatic equipment, an infinitely variable main-drive motor for setting constant machine cycles, and a quick-stop feature in case of timing off or emergency off. The jog switch is on a flexible connection for machine setup with precise slow motion. The main operating panel has text and diagnostic displays. There is also a 3-D microscreen adjustment. The squeegee head has pneumatically actuated vertical lift-off, a pneumatic pressure setting, and an angle-adjustable inclined device with automatic blocking.

Kammann Machines Inc., St. Charles, IL
(630) 513-8091

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