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Closed-loop recycling sees cost savings, less waste

March 14, 2008

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Closed-loop recycling sees cost savings, less waste

A new closed-loop custom processing service to recycle post-industrial scrap packaging strapping into reusable polymer is helping one British processor to reduce landfill and save raw material. Developed by the compounding division of Luxus Ltd. (Louth, England) for Plastic Extruders Ltd., a processor of polypropylene (PP) strapping for the packaging industry, the process uses melt-reclamation technology. The strapping is extruded from homopolymer PP with a special stabilization package that helps reduce moisture absorption.

Plastic Extruder’s Wickford, England plant sends baled strapping waste to Luxus, which then tests and processes it into a recyclate of agreed specification. Central to the success of converting the waste PP into reusable material, says the company, is the Luxus technical center where the feedstock is evaluated, and a suitable compound is developed. If required, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscope tests can confirm resin type and identify the presence and composition of any additives.

The strapping material is checked for contamination, then processed on an Erema melt reclaim line. At this stage, any volatiles or moisture are driven off and, if required, any masterbatch or additives can be dosed into the melt to produce desired physical characteristics. Following pelletization, the material undergoes melt flow and tensile tests. On completion of compounding, each batch of the self-colored material is blended to ensure color consistency.—[email protected]

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