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PureCycle Teaches Teens About Recycling on ‘Everyday Science Stuff’ Series

Image: Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Alamy STEM student with laptop
The series is produced by EXPLR Media, co-founded by Kari Byron of “Mythbusters” fame. The PureCycle episode will have its premiere on Jan. 26 at the Orlando Science Center.

Orlando, FL­­–based PureCycle Technologies has partnered with EXPLR Media to educate the younger generation about plastic recycling with an episode of EXPLR’s new Everyday Science Stuff TV series.

Filmed at PureCycle’s Ironton, OH, plant, the 25-minute episode focuses on PureCycle’s proprietary polypropylene (PP) recycling technology, with the premiere screening planned for Jan. 26, 2022, at the Orlando Science Center.

PP (No. 5 plastic) is commonly used in packaging, consumer goods, and medical applications but is one of the least recycled plastics. PureCycle uses a patented solvent-based purification technology developed by the Procter & Gamble Co. to recycle PP waste into Pure Cycle’s ultra-pure, virgin-like resin suitable for processing into new products. The process removes color, odor, and contaminants from feedstock.

The Everyday Science Stuff series aims to educate, engage, and inspire children ages 9 to 14, with each episode exploring a scientific topic as it relates to everyday life. EXPLR Media founders Jenny Buccos and Kari Byron, the latter known from her time on “MythBusters,” developed the PureCycle episode, which features popular scientist Justin “Mr. Fascinate” Shaifer.

“Partnering with EXPLR Media is an opportunity for PureCycle to spark [ecology] and STEM enthusiasm in young students to start reimagining new solutions to today’s environmental challenges, like plastic pollution,” said Dustin Olson, PureCycle’s Chief Manufacturing Officer, in a prepared statement.

Olson added, “Our goal is to educate and inspire new thinking that leads to future innovation and the creation of technologies like PureCycle’s that will create real positive change in our environment.”

EXPLR Media is an ad-free, subscription streaming service providing curated educational content for tweens and teens. Subscriptions are available for educators and parents.

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