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Stand-up pouch earns #2 recycling symbol and approval from Trex

How many years have stand-up pouches been touted as the next big thing in packaging? They are a nice mix of rigid and flexible package, can be used for sensitive foods and beverages, are very lightweight, kids like them, they pack easily...the list goes on, but the fact is they have remained a niche player in the packaging world. With its new No. 2 Pouch, Ampac hopes it can push these niche products to a more mainstream role.

PlasticsToday Staff

August 26, 2011

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Stand-up pouch earns #2 recycling symbol and approval from Trex

Flexible packaging processor Ampac (Cincinnati, OH) describes the No. 2 Pouch as a stand-up pouch with excellent stiffness and strength characteristics. Most importantly, though, it also can be recycled with standard retail shopping bags. To now most stand-up pouches have been heavily metalized, making them difficult or economically impractical to recycle. The sustainability argument from pouch suppliers has been, "But they're so lightweight, even if they aren't recycled the LCA is good."

The No. 2 Pouch is the first non-laminated stand-up pouch produced by Ampac. The pouch is predominantly high-density polyethylene (HDPE) allowing it to be labeled with the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) number 2 (recycling code) triangle. This makes it more compatible with existing post-consumer recycled waste streams.

When clean and dry, the No. 2 Pouch can be recycled with plastic retail shopping bags and other post-consumer polyethylene products. The new packaging already has the approval of wood/plastic composite processor

Trex Company (Winchester, VA), which processes 70% of all recycled plastic bags collected in the U.S. to create its Trex brand of decking and railing products. Consumers could recycle clean, dry No. 2 Pouches at retail shopping bag collection stations, which can in-turn build repeat business by directing consumers to recycle No. 2 Pouches at in-store collection sites. Ampac is also developing a No. 4 Pouch using low-density PE.

In addition to recyclability, the No. 2 Pouch provides a high barrier to moisture and puncture resistance for product protection, says Ampac.  Along with a lower cost compared to laminated stand-up pouches, the No. 2 Pouch can be printed using high definition graphics that can improve visibility and shelf impact. 

Noted Jim Pugh, Ampac's market development manager, "Increasingly, Ampac's customers are requesting packaging materials that have an environmental story that will enhance their brand's image. The No. 2 Pouch has a positive story to tell."

Ampac operates 14 processing / converting facilities in North America, Europe and Asia employing approximately 1300.

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