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The agreement aims to commercialize Synova’s advanced plastic waste-to-olefins technology in conjunction with Technip Energies’ steam-cracking expertise.

Clare Goldsberry

March 17, 2021

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Synova (Maassluis, Netherlands) and Technip Energies (Paris) have entered into a joint development and cooperation agreement to commercialize Synova’s advanced plastic waste-to-olefins technology in conjunction with Technip Energies’ expertise in steam cracking.

Synova said that its patented thermo-chemical recycling technology closes the gap in the plastic supply chain by taking dirty mixed plastic waste and breaking it down to its basic building blocks, such as olefin monomers and co-products, to produce circular plastics. The process has a low carbon footprint and displaces the need for virgin polymers in addition to reducing the need for intensive plastic waste sorting, according to the company.

The technology was invented by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), an independent research organization. Together with Synova, the technology has been further developed, tested, and piloted over a 15-year span.

Technip Energies brings its expertise in hydrocarbon treatment and purification, along with its experience in the design, construction, and upgrading of steam cracker units, to the partnership. The company will cooperate with Synova in the optimization and improvement of plastic recycling technology.

“Chemical recycling is going to a big business and we have a technological advantage in the race,” said Van Morris, CEO of Synova. “Partnering with Technip Energies brings the expertise, skill, and reputation to achieve the last mile of commercialization and allow this technology to provide a path to a more sustainable future.”

Stan Knez, Senior Vice President, Technip Energies Process Technologies, stated: “Technip Energies is founded on the vision of accelerating the energy transition for a better tomorrow. This partnership with Synova supports our vision by providing consumers, manufacturers, and plastics producers a circular economy route, using recycled monomers from end-of-life plastic waste. The symbiotic coupling of the Technip Energies steam cracker knowledge and Synova technology provides a comprehensive offering.”

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