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September 1, 2003

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Automation introduced to form-in-place gasketing

The Excell 500, an automated form-in-place gasketing work cell, meets urethane markets' demand for adding automation to low-pressure foam meter, mix, and dispense applications. The Excell 500 combines Liquid Control's C-500 XYZ automation platform with a Decker Excell machine fitted with a ParaDyne mix head. This pairing delivers a turnkey process for gasketing, sealing, bonding, filling, and other automated dispensing needs. The work cell features precision gear pumps, a servo-driven disposable dynamic mixer with snuff-back, constant material recirculation for precise material conditioning (heating and cooling), ratio/flow control loop, and nucleation. Liquid Control Decker, 3030 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990 www.liquidcontrol.com.

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