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July 1, 2004

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Compressed-air powered automatic hopper loader

The Autohopper automatic hopper loader is powered by compressed air. Since it does not require a vacuum to operate, it may be mounted directly on the feed throat of a molding machine or other auxiliary device such as a color feeder, dryer, or drawer magnet. The hopper loader can load up to 300 lb/hr of virgin material, regrind, additives, or color concentrate. Since it is powered by compressed air, it will reportedly never experience expensive downtime associated with motors, brushes, clogged air filters, or fussy flapper valves, boots, or micro switches.

With a total weight of only 8 kg, it is completely portable. The control cabinet is integral with the hopper to offer a clean, self-contained, lightweight unit. The lid and filter are attached with manual spring clips for quick cleaning or material changes. The filter is an inexpensive automotive type readily available locally. Loading is initiated by a proximity switch and controlled by an operator-adjustable electronic timer. Standard audible and visual alarms warn of low material level in the hopper. Air and material hoses are supplied with quick-connect couplers for operator convenience. The pickup wand is stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. The unit is available as a single-feed model or as a 1%- to 99%-adjustable ratio loader. The AH/1 Single model sells for $1095, and the AH/2 Ratio model sells for $1395.

Canam Manufactured Products Inc., Surrey, BC
(604) 888-7699

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