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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-10513

npe24.jpgWhat's Hot? New products include:

* A 'super accurate' single-point weigh-scale hopper is designed for precise box-filling by weight. Because precision in a weigh-scale system generally increases as the weight decreases, the system uses a small, one-point load cell and a proportionately smaller hopper.

Depending on the application, the small size of the load allows the unit to achieve accuracy to within 0.2 grams. By filling multiple batches into a container, the system will fill large containers with the same degree of accuracy as small containers.

* The Crizaf 2000 Concept conveyor features a totally new aluminum belt, composed of individual extrusions, linked together to form a continuous, closed-loop belt. A plastic side- wall is integrated into the belt design and travels along with the conveyor belt.

The new belt design is said to be resistant to high temperatures. And because the belt will not bulge or buckle in transition zones, it allows flat to incline conveyors to be built in much wider belt widths (up to 48 in.). The sprocket-driven design eliminates slippage, even in wider sizes or with heavier loads.

Cleats can be added, removed, replaced or changed by removing a guard at the discharge end. Larger or smaller cleats, or the center distance between cleats can be easily changed as application needs change. The belt is claimed to be virtually indestructible under normal conditions and is also available in plastic for metal detecting applications.

This new conveyor also features a sturdy fold-back table at the discharge end. This allows smaller boxes to be positioned closer to the conveyor, minimizing the distance parts must drop.

* Crizaf has added a line of metal detection systems. Featured at the show will be a new flatbed metal detector. This system is an excellent choice for detecting metal (both ferrous and non-ferrous) that rides either directly on, or very close to the conveyor belt.

This system is also effective in detecting metal imbedded in plastic parts as long as the parts profile is low enough to consistently allow the embedded metal to ride close to or on the belt surface. While the unit is most commonly incorporated into the feeding conveyor of scrap granulators, it can also provide an added measure of security for almost any type of conveying or box-packing application in which metal, or parts with imbedded metal need to be detected.

Existing Products On Display will include the heavy-duty conveyor series, box and bag fill systems, a range of separation options, the PAW 150 double-point weigh scale hopper and total parts handling systems.

Cool Booth Details Want to compare parts-separation systems? Crizaf will have four of its most popular units side-by-side, along with plenty of samples to separate, so you can see first-hand how they work, how easy they are to adjust and how versatile they are. Circle 241

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