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Kawasaki Robotics Introduces New Collaborative Robots

Kawasaki Robotics has released a line of intelligent cobots that include Ai-enabled R and BX Series robots for welding, multi-SKU palletizing, and depalletizing.

Rob Spiegel

May 2, 2024

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palletizing and welding robots
Kawasaki Robotics

At a Glance

  • Kawasaki has added new collaborative robots for welding.
  • Kawasaki has also introduced new palletizing robots.
  • Kawasaki has added NEURA Robotics’ robotic assistant platform to its CL series of cobots.

Kawasaki Robotics, a manufacturer of high-quality, intuitive and productive industrial robots has introduced a new family of collaborative robots (cobots). Powered with NEURA Robotics’ robotic assistant platform, the CL Series combines all the safety and intuitiveness that standard cobots are known for with a solid, robust design that unlocks the speed and productivity of industrial robotics.

Kawasaki Robotics has also introduced new applications using the Kawasaki R Series and BX Series of reliable, precise and Ai-enabled industrial robots that were created in close collaboration with partners such as Mech Mind, CRG Automation, AMT Precision Parts and Olis Robotics. The CL Series and these applications—including welding, finishing, multi-SKU palletizing and depalletizing and an automated corner board solution—demonstrate Kawasaki Robotics’ commitment to continually optimizing its product offerings, aided by its technology-agnostic stance and expanding network of partners.

“From our Ai-enabled robots to our rich library of technology partners, it’s the collective use of human ingenuity that fuels Kawasaki’s product offerings,” said Seiji Amazawa, president of Kawasaki Robotics. “Our goal is to harness industrial automation in a way that makes the possibilities virtually limitless for our customers.”

CL Series Offers High-Speed Quality Performance in Small Footprint

Designed and built in Germany, and powered with NEURA Robotics’ robot assistance technology, the CL Series combines industry-leading speed of 200°/s and repeatability of ± 0.02 mm with payloads and reaches of 3kg/590mm, 5kg/800mm, 8kg/1300mm, and 10 kg/1000mm, free mounting orientations, extremely small footprints, and IP66 classification.

The CL Series offers exceptional performance through quality components such as the integrated 24-bit encoders, among the highest resolution on the market, and an extremely lightweight yet reliable construction. Paired with the CL Series intuitive user interface and proprietary safety architecture, these cobots facilitate human/robot collaboration. 

Industrial Robot Applications

Here are ways users can benefit from Kawasaki Robotics:

  • an adaptable robotic finishing solution designed by AMT Precision Parts, offering unrivaled precision, consistency and adaptability handling diverse materials and surface types.

  • unstructured, autonomous parcel sorting with the Kawasaki R Series, enabled by Mech Mind’s 3D camera and AI-powered software.

  • a full-featured technology display brought to life by partner CRG Automation, showcasing Multi-SKU palletizing and depalletizing using a BX130X robot and an automated corner board application using an RS007L robot, with “Olis Connect,” an edge-hosted product by Olis Robotics providing reliable remote control and monitoring of the entire system.

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