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The Robots Are Coming, The Robots Are Coming

Leading the parade at NPE2024 is an injection molding robot from Sepro that accelerates cycle times.

Geoff Giordano

March 8, 2024

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S5-25 Speed robot
Image courtesy of Sepro

A faster injection molding robot that speeds cycle times will be on display from Sepro Group at NPE2024 in Orlando, FL, from May 6 to 10.

Upgraded S5-25 Speed features 63% faster acceleration

The upgraded Sepro S5-25 Speed demonstrates 63% faster acceleration and cycle times thanks to a more powerful servo motor and gear box on its horizontal (X) axis. The robot also takes up less space in the molding cell thanks to its top-entry configuration — suited for simple packaging operations like thin-wall food containers or flowerpots.

At NPE, Sepro will demonstrate its S5-25 Speed next to a 5X-25 robot to draw comparisons between the speed of the former and the agility of the latter. The 5X-25 is designed for precise part manipulation with a five-axis servo configuration and two-axis servo wrist.

The S5-25 Speed also saves as much as 85% of the compressed air usually used for vacuum part gripping, thanks to the Eco Air feature, which monitors vacuum levels and activates only when needed.

19 Sepro robots at NPE2024

Overall, 19 Sepro robots will be installed at NPE — six in Sepro’s booth and 13 with other exhibitors — the most robots Sepro has shown at any trade show, the company said.

“NPE2024 will be an opportunity for us to show off the full breadth of Sepro automation capabilities,” said Jim Healy, vice president of sales and marketing, North America. “The industry’s most extensive line of three-, five-, and six-axis robots, sized for molding machines from 20 to 5,000 tons, will be shown in integrated automation cells and standalone applications. We’re excited for the opportunity to show the industry that Sepro can deliver a solution to any molder, for any application, and any brand of molding machine, whether new or existing.” 

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Other Sepro robots on show include:

  • In Sepro’s booth, the Success 11X five-axis Cartesian robot, six-axis 6X-170 articulated-arm unit, and cobot will demonstrate multiple operations — part removal, degating, laser marking, sorting with 2D and 3D vision, label application, and packing.

  • A 7X-55 in Sepro’s booth will handle four large parts — a roll-out garbage can, large-diameter pipe fitting, automotive component, and heavy dumbbell. The robot handles each part in succession using quick-change end-of-arm tooling (EOAT).

  • Four private-labeled robots supplied by Sepro will be in action at Milacron’s booth (W1601). A Success 33 and two six-axis articulated arm units will operate together in a Sepro-automated cell; an S5-15 will operate on another Milacron machine. 

  • At the Bauer Compressors booth (W1589), a servo-driven Milacron/Sepro S5 picker will be seen on a Milacron press demonstrating gas-assist molding. 

  • Four Sepro robots will be operated by Maruka (W1321). Cartesian units will include a five-axis 5X-15, Success 11, and Success 22; a six-axis articulated-arm 6X-70 will also be exhibited. 

  • Shibaura (W2743) will operate a 5X-25 in an axial configuration for clamp-end part deposition with Sepro-provided EOAT.

  • Chen Hsong (W301) will show a 5X-35 on a 700-ton press.

  • Incoe (W3761) will demonstrate a Success 11X on an LS Mtron 240-ton machine. 

Visit Sepro at booth W143. 

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