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Mercedes Concept Car Gets Silky, Sustainable Treatment

Article-Mercedes Concept Car Gets Silky, Sustainable Treatment

Image Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept car
AMSilk partnered with Mercedes-Benz to develop car-door pulls made from a bio-based, certified-vegan silk-like fabric.

Mercedes Benz has unveiled its latest electric vehicle concept, the Vision EQXX, boasting a range of more than 1,000 kilometers on a single battery charge, which equates to less than 10 kWh of energy consumed per 100 kilometers. This is due in part to the exterior design and aerodynamics, which achieve a benchmark drag coefficient of 0.17.

The Vision EQXX also features innovative interior materials, “revealing a way forward for luxury design that conserves resources and is in balance with nature,” said the company. The Vision EQXX combines a mix of sustainable materials — from mushrooms to bamboo, cactus, and vegan silk — in its interior, showing that it is still possible to achieve automotive luxury and a feeling of premium comfort without using animal products. This approach has halved the carbon footprint of formerly leather-based appointments alone.

One example of interior innovation is AMSilk GmbH partnering with Mercedes-Benz to develop novel, sustainable car-door pulls employing Biosteel fiber. This high-strength, certified-vegan, silk-like fabric is made using AMSilk's proprietary biotechnology expertise. AMSilk is the world's first industrial supplier of vegan-silk biopolymers that are 100% biodegradable, recyclable, renewable, and zero-waste. Marking a first in the automotive sector, AMSilk's Biosteel provides the car industry with a bio-based alternative to petroleum-based content.

Mercedes-BenzMercedes Vision EQXX door pull

Silk-like bio-fiber can potentially replace rigid plastic door pulls in future automobiles.

Ulrich Scherbel, CEO of AMSilk, said: "We are extremely proud to partner with Mercedes-Benz on the technology program Vision EQXX, providing sustainable interior design solutions from our best-in-class bio-based fibers. Amid a fresh wave of ambitious climate pledges, we are proud to be playing a leading role in providing solutions for a zero-waste future."

Many other details demonstrate how consistently the Vision EQXX has been designed for aerodynamics:

  • the front face is smaller than that of a compact CLA and, thus, poses minimal resistance;
  • a narrower rear-wheel track allows the air to flow more efficiently;
  • transparent external wheel covers prevent virtually all air turbulence while allowing views of the stylish rose-gold magnesium rims.
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