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Automotive application: LGF-PP compounds helps cut costs

March 21, 2008

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Automotive application: LGF-PP compounds helps cut costs

A comparison of competitive long glass fiber granulates following two minutes in a rotary cutter shows TechnoFiber granulate (left) exhibits little breakdown.

A long glass fiber (LGF) reinforced polypropylene (PP) from the TechnoFiber range, PP-LGF30, has been selected to substitute for a nylon 6 with short glass fibers in a cross member for a new subcompact car. The decision in favor of this PP material, which is LGF-reinforced at a rate of 30%/wt, was prompted by its price advantage over the previously used PA6 GF30 sourced from a competitor. “Raw material cost savings of up to 40% can be achieved,” says Liborius Flöper, the company’s head of marketing. In addition, no changes to the mold were required so that the material can be a simple drop-in of the ongoing production. Flöper says the mechanical properties of the finished crossbeam from the PP LGF30 compound are equivalent to those of the short glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 molding in typical operating temperatures. Since PP has a low density, the overall weight of the component is reduced. TechnoCompound GmbH, Bad Sobernheim, Germany; +49-6751-856-05392; www.technocompound.com

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