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Covestro is collaborating with Shanghai-based Human Horizons to bring next-gen sustainable technology to HiPhi's premium EVs.

December 6, 2022

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HiPhi electric car
Image courtesy of Covestro

Material solutions are key for automakers pursuing smarter and more environmentally friendly mobility. In support of these trends, Covestro is deepening its partnership with Chinese premium electric vehicle brand HiPhi under a new agreement that will see the two sides collaborate on future models.

Human Horizons, the Shanghai-based parent company of HiPhi, is an innovative technology enterprise targeting the global market. A partner of Human Horizons since 2018, Covestro has been engaged in HiPhi’s R&D process in the model design stage — a break from traditional ways of collaboration along this value chain. Covestro’s materials have been applied to HiPhi’s flagship models, such as the polycarbonate that enables a “smart” B-pillar equipped with complex functions in the all-electric HiPhi X SUV. Advanced features such as facial recognition are embedded in the HiPhi X’s exterior B-pillar. These posts that connect the vehicle’s roof to its body at the rear of the front door have a high-gloss appearance and exhibit dimensional stability, a high-impact structure, and infrared transparency.

Covestro and HiPhi are now deepening their partnership to create next-generation technology. HiPhi will employ an array of Covestro products, including CO2-reduced polycarbonates, bio-based clearcoat hardeners, and mass-balanced, bio-attributed adhesives, following an agreement signed at the China International Import Expo (CIIE).

“We’re delighted to join HiPhi, a partner bringing forth more innovations. Together we will create more sustainable and circular solutions for the automotive industry, which is making intensive efforts in its decarbonization journey while going smart,” said Lily Wang, President of Business Entity Engineering Plastics at Covestro. “We at Covestro hope to collaborate with more like-minded companies, like HiPhi, to join us on this journey to the circular economy. Together, we can accelerate the decarbonization trend and smart technology development at the same time.”

For example, Covestro polycarbonate solutions have already contributed to sustainability by enabling lightweight cars. Today, Covestro also offers CO2-reduced polycarbonates with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content and grades of mass-balanced, renewable attributed products.

Ding Lei, founder, Chairman, and CEO of Human Horizons, said: “Human Horizons is committed to redefining future mobility. Covestro’s high-quality polymer materials and products are key boosters to achieving a sustainable future in the automotive industry. We hope to promote this innovative collaboration with Covestro as a benchmark to encourage the whole industry to introduce innovative technologies more efficiently. In the future, Human Horizons will work with Covestro to develop innovative technologies to provide consumers with a luxury, high-tech mobility experience.”

The HiPhi Z is the latest smart sports sedan that features Covestro materials. Polycarbonate grades are used in the touchpad switch on the steering wheel, enabling a futuristic interactive design; lightweight carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites, which are also recyclable, are applied to decoration trims; and high-performance waterborne polyurethane adhesives are used in auto interiors.

“Under the surface of futuristic design, Covestro’s low-carbon material solution plays an indispensable role. We are dedicated to bringing more sustainability and higher performance into the vehicle, and deliver products of choice with automotive manufacturers,” said Zhong Xiaobin, Senior Vice President of Covestro's Coatings and Adhesives segment in Asia-Pacific. “We will continue to enhance the local development and production of sustainable automotive coatings and adhesives to meet diverse client needs and tap the growing trend of sustainability.”

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