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Energy Advancement Technology on Show at smarter E Europe 2023

Sabic will showcase its growing portfolio of specialty materials to support electric vehicles and batteries.

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June 9, 2023

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Sabic tradeshow booth
Image courtesy of Sabic

Sabic will highlight material solutions suited for the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), battery, solar, and wind industries at the smarter E Europe 2023 event in Munich, Germany, this month. Sabic’s specialty resins, compounds, and co-polymers include bio-based, recycled, and upcycled solutions that contribute to sustainability, as well as grades with performance enhancements and new designs for applications across these rapidly expanding sectors.

As an example of this effort, Sabic will be launching at the show new LNP Elcres CRX grades that can provide a combination of flame retardance (FR) and impact and chemical resistance to EVSE components. “Our specialized materials aim to address shortcomings of incumbent solutions, expand design freedom, deliver enhanced properties, and enable the growth and adoption of new energy technologies,” said Sabic’s Marco Dalmino, EMEA director of customer fulfillment.

Materials designed to enable wider adoption of electric vehicles

A robust charging infrastructure is a key enabler for the wider adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). As consumers demand unfettered access to public charging stations, improved reliability, and faster charging speeds, new materials can help provide greater safety, extended durability, and better performance. Sabic's thermoplastics can deliver resistance to impact, UV light, chemicals, and weather, as well as enhanced electrical and FR properties.

Parts to be exhibited include:

  • EVSE enclosures made with LNP Elcrin EXL series and new LNP Elcres CRX compounds, which offer low-temperature ductility, UV stability, improved chemical resistance, and non-chlorinated/non-brominated flame retardance.

  • EV charging connectors molded from LNP Elcrin EXL and LNP Elcres CRX materials, which provide dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and optimized electrical properties.

  • Light guides and light indicators using LNP LUX-C series resins, which offer customized transmission rates and diffusion colors.

  • Displays featuring high ductility and enhanced scratch and chemical resistance, thanks to the properties of LNP Elcres DMX and LNP Elcres SLX materials.

Battery and fuel cell developments

Vehicle electrification on a massive scale together with the continued shift to renewable energy generation call for new storage and distribution solutions. A spectrum of batteries, from household to industrial level, will be required. Different battery chemistries will play a role, including conventional lead and lithium as well as hydrogen. Sabic’s specialized materials can help enable new designs, improve energy density and efficiency, and reduce weight, said the company.

Components to be exhibited include:

  • Housings and enclosures made with LNP Elcres CX compound, featuring higher heat, hydrolytic stability, and better chemical resistance compared with standard flame-retardant polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (PC/ABS) blends.

  • Extruded sheets and profiles made with a new LNP Elcres CRX9016E compound, featuring a combination of flame, impact, and enhanced chemical resistance.

  • Fuel cell and battery stack components, such as gaskets, bipolar plates, current collectors, and casings, which use Ultem resins and films and LNP compounds.

  • Sulfonated polyphenylene ether (sPPE) membranes for potential use as ion-exchanging separators for flow batteries and fuel cells. These membranes are believed to offer high ion conductivity at lower crossovers, along with improved durability.

  • Bipolar plates for battery and fuel cell stacks, which can potentially benefit from LNP Stat-Kon compounds that deliver light weight and high conductivity.

The smarter E Europe 2023 will take place June 14 to 16 in Munich.

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