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Foam Expo to Debut in Novi, MI

Trade show and conference dedicated to technical foam manufacturing and technology.

Stephen Moore

November 28, 2016

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Foam Expo

Mark your calendars for Feb. 28 ­to March 2, 2017, in Novi, MI. Foam Expo is said to be North America’s first free exhibition and conference event on the design and manufacture of flexible and rigid foams for technical applications.

Conference dedicated to foam market and technologies will debut in Michigan next year.

Especially designed for foam industry professionals to network and keep abreast of the latest industry news and developments, while learning about the latest application designs, manufacturing processes, and current trends, Foam Expo will feature a free­to­attend conference featuring experts from a variety of fields, with industry players in automotive, aerospace, and construction, to medical, packaging, and sports and leisure in attendance.

“Our aim is to give the technical foams industry the stage it truly deserves. If you are involved in the purchasing, integration, manufacture or supply of materials, products or equipment, you can be certain that your suppliers, customers, competitors, and peers will all be at the show,” says Jamie Reid, Foam Expo conference director.

Conference sessions at the three-day event include Eliminating Hazardous Materials in Flame Retardant Foam Production, Harmonizing Industry Standards for the Reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds, Reviewing The Shock Absorbing Properties of Foam Materials for Protective Applications, Evaluating the Thermal Properties of Foam for Improved Insulation or Conductivity, Utilizing Foam to Reduce Weight and Increase Payload and Fuel Efficiency, and Optimizing Noise Reduction and Sound Absorption with Foam Materials.

On the third day of the conference, Chemours and Honeywell experts will discuss Meeting EPA’s January 2017 Deadline for Phasing Out Hydrofluorocarbons in Foam Blowing Agents. According to the EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program all hydrofluorocarbons in foam blowing agents must be phased out as of January 2017 for flexible polyurethane foams, with the change pending for rigid polyurethane foams by January 2020. This session will provide an overview of: the changing blowing agent requirements for flexible polyurethane foams; implementing infrastructure to meet the new requirements; and reviewing next-generation blowing agent’s compatibility with other component chemicals in foam production.

Additional sessions that day include Adopting Sustainable Materials: The Implementation of Soy Bean Oil in the Automotive Industry with speakers from Lear and Ford, and Evaluating Sustainable and Hybrid Materials for Use in Foam featuring presenters from Bloom and Emery Oleochemicals. Other speakers at the event include: Dan Halonen, senior application engineer, 3M Automotive; Bryan Harrison, foams regional applications and technical services manager, Saint­Gobain; Mark Polster, technical expert – emissions test technology, sustainability, environment and safety engineering, Ford Motor Company; Julie Klima, ground system survivability, interior blast mitigation, interior impact protective solutions, US Army RDECOM – TARDEC; and Andrew Kee, global director of chemical development, Woodbridge Corporation.

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