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High-Heat-Resistant LCP Insulates EV Battery Modules

A new liquid crystal polymer (LCP) grade from Solvay is designed to increase passenger safety in the event of a battery thermal runaway.

March 27, 2023

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Entrance of the main building of Solvay's Technology Solutions facility in Welland, Canada.Image courtesy of Solvey

Solvay has introduced a high-heat- and flame-retardant grade in its Xydar liquid crystal polymers (LCP) portfolio designed to meet critical safety demands in EV battery components. The new Xydar LCP G-330 HH material addresses challenging thermal and insulation requirements and is targeted particularly at battery module plates of EV models operating with high-voltage systems.

“As automakers are moving from 400 to 800 V on next-generation electric vehicles, new regulations in Europe, China, the United States, and other countries are increasing the demand on battery components to withstand temperatures from 300° to 1000°C for an extended window of up to 15 minutes,” said Brian Baleno, head of marketing for transportation at Solvay Materials. “Appropriate materials are expected to retain a level of electrical insulation protection that will provide sufficient time for passengers to exit the vehicle in a thermal runaway event. Our new Xydar LCP grade combines this high safety potential with exceptional processability.”

Xydar LCP G-330 HH is a glass-filled LCP for injection molding capable of retaining its electrical insulation upon exposure to 400°C for 30 minutes. Xydar LCP is an inherently flame-retardant polymer, without the use of halogen or bromine additives. In addition, it offers exceptional flowability and helps battery designers achieve thinner parts than is possible with incumbent battery module insulation materials, such as polycarbonates or aerogels. It has been successfully tested with plates molded in typical dimensions of 100 x 150 x 0.5 mm.

Xydar LCP is a proven fit in many electrical and electronic as well as coating applications, according to Solvay. Besides automotive lighting components, sensors, solenoids, and connectors, advanced examples in e-mobility include thin-wall slot liners used in the rotor design of an electric-drive traction motor.

Xydar LCP G-330 HH extends the portfolio of Solvay’s battery solutions, which also includes Solef PVDF for binders and separators, Ryton PPS for coolant line connectors and vents, and Amodel PPA for connectors and busbars.

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