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High-impact PP Copolymer Performs with Less Impact Modifier

Achieve Advanced PP from ExxonMobil helps Kingfa develop high-performance, lightweight materials to meet auto value chain demands.

Stephen Moore

September 18, 2020

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Image: ExxonMobil

The rise of alternative powertrains and increased interest in lightweight, sustainable automotive materials are driving demand for innovative new products. The Chinese automotive industry, in particular, faces intense domestic and international competition to cost-effectively develop differentiated solutions to meet current and future demand.

To stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving industry, Chinese auto grade compounder Kingfa needed to develop strategic partnerships to expand its global footprint, bridge suppliers and customers to meet value chain demands efficiently and effectively, and identify and provide game-changing solutions, not just products, in advance of demand

Kingfa has been a longtime collaborator with ExxonMobil, which is committed to pushing the boundaries of polypropylene technology by collaborating with customers to innovate and find success along the value chain. Since 2016, the two companies have collaborated through strategic brainstorming sessions and trials.

This collaboration, as well as a collective demand from the automotive industry, enabled ExxonMobil to develop Achieve Advanced PP8285E1, a high-flow, high-impact copolymer resin designed for automotive applications. This grade of Achieve Advanced PP also eliminates trade-offs in performance, processing and end-of-life handling compared to traditional polypropylene and unlocks new opportunities for automotive customers.

Using Achieve Advanced PP8285E1, Kingfa created a proprietary formulation  that provides a complete solution sought by the automotive value chain, featuring high impact strength, high melt flow rate (MFR) and better odor performance.

The improved toughness of Achieve Advanced PP8285E1 helped Kingfa minimize plastomer loading levels to simplify its formulations. It also enabled Kingfa’s customers to produce a variety of tough auto parts – including instrument panels, door panels, consoles and bumper fascia – more efficiently and economically. By using Achieve Advanced PP8285E1, Kingfa attained an impact resistance of 46 kJ/m2 compared to 10 kJ/m2 of a standard ICP at the same MFR of 30 g/10 min.

The new compound also enables up to 50% less plastomer use. This reduced external plastomer loading can simplify formulations and provide significant cost-saving opportunities. Further, up to 35% higher impact can also be realized compared to standard impact copolymers (ICP). In addition, up to 20% improved toughness with better stiffness balance (low temperature ductility) is achieved compared to standard ICP.

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