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The concept electric “vehicle” has a range of 12 km and features a built-in rear-view camera and 360° sensors to keep the worker fully aware of all potential disturbances.

Stephen Moore

December 1, 2022

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VW office chair
Image courtesy of VW Norway

VW’s ID. Buzz Cargo is a spacious electric van with a range of 423 km, fast-charging time of 30 minutes, and carrying capacity of 18.4 cubic meters (650 cubic feet). At least one VW employee in the OEM’s Norwegian subsidiary is getting to enjoy all the bells and whistles of the feature-heavy commercial vehicle literally without leaving his or her seat — engineers at VW Norway have developed a one-off concept study that incorporates many of the features of the ID. Buzz Cargo into the humble office chair.

VW office chair wheels

Alloy wheels come as standard equipment on the VW office chair.

The chair is designed to give those who work in an office a feeling of what it’s like to have a car from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as their workplace. You can drive at a speed of up to 20 km/h, honk at your colleagues while you make the trip to the meeting room or water cooler, safely signaling as you go, and make multiple trips throughout the day, if you must, thanks to the electric chair’s healthy 12-km range. You can even listen to music on the go or at your desk.

You might be using a VPN to cover your surfing tracks but as vendors of such software caution, there’s nothing to stop prying colleagues and, worse, bosses from peering over your shoulder at an inopportune juncture. The VW office chair to the rescue again, with its 360-degree motion sensors and rear-view camera to alert you of any potential threats to your safety or privacy.

VW office chair lights

The VW office chair lightens up any party or overtime stint.

Off to a meeting again? Make sure you take advantage of the 0.005 cubic meters (305 square inches) of trunk space to store your documents and ensure both your hands are available to navigate to your final destination. And if you're headed to an end-of-year meeting, performance review, or party, then why not make full use of the trailer hitch to drag along whatever you may need? Once you get there, you’ll surely be the center of attention if it’s a party with your chair’s Office Party Lights sending out very, very cool vibes. Ok fun’s over and its back to work. With built-in headlights you can brighten up even your darkest overtime evening.

Sadly, the chair is not road-legal, and only exists as a one-of-a-kind display model for now, simply because, in VW’s words, “We will always prioritize people who actually need a car for work.” But you can test drive the chair at certain dealerships and events throughout Norway.

VW office chair specs

  • All-electric engine (estimated range: 12 km)

  • Comfortable seat with embroidered VW logo

  • Seat warmer

  • Touchscreen

  • Modern exterior with metallic paint

  • Rear-view camera and 360° sensors

  • Hi-Fi speaker system, pre-loaded with road trip songs

  • Two-wheel drive

  • 4-inch aluminum rims

  • Pedal steering

  • LED lights, signal lights, Office Party Lights

  • Car horn

  • USB charger

  • Detachable, chargeable battery

  • Storage compartment (0.005 m3)

  • Trailer hitch

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