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New PBT Grade Makes Branding Shine on Headlamp Bezels

BASF’s new PBT grade is compatible with laser engraving, enabling clearer, high-quality logo markings on automotive headlamps.

PlasticsToday Staff

October 12, 2021

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Image: BASF

BASF has introduced a new grade of Ultradur polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), which enables more attractive branding on metallic lamp bezel surfaces of automotive headlamps. The new grade was developed to meet growing demand from OEMs for improved branding opportunities on headlamps.

While Ultradur is already widely used for headlamp components such as lamp bezels and brackets, the new laser transmittance PBT unreinforced grade Ultradur 4570 HGL LT enables laser engraving on metallic lamp bezel surfaces. This provides clearer, high-quality logo markings on automotive headlamps.

In particular, the new grade helps customers avoid degradation on black lamp bezel surfaces during the laser marking process. The easy-to-process material features a glossy surface finish as well as low fogging and mold deposit.

“BASF focuses on the trends of next-generation headlamps and offers various Ultradur solutions for lamp bezels combined with in-depth expertise in automotive lighting systems. With the growing demand for branding on lamp bezel surfaces, we are helping our customers — tier suppliers of systems and parts — to develop tailored solutions for end-users,” said Desmond Long, Vice President, Business Management Transportation, Performance Materials Asia Pacific.

Different technologies exist for lettering on plastic surfaces, such as laser marking, printing, and molding. Laser marking is reportedly popular among customers owing to design freedom, reduced preparatory work or reworking requirements, high processing speed, and good contrast.

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