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TPU Cable Coloring Simplified with Single Masterbatch

Delta Tecnic offers a single masterbatch by color, regardless of the flame-retardancy level.

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July 4, 2023

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To simplify the coloring of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cables carrying different loads of flame-retardant fillers, Delta Tecnic offers a single masterbatch per color, regardless of the flame-retardancy level.

TPU is widely used in cable production because of its resistance to rubbing and capability to withstand continuous and mechanical movement. Fire resistance is a critical factor in many applications, both in buildings and machinery, and that has increased demand for fire-resistant TPU cables.

Fire-retardant additives, such as white-colored mineral fillers, are typically added to the material in varying doses. Different grades of fire-resistant TPU are on the market, each in a different shade of white. This has created challenges for cable manufacturers, as each grade of TPU requires a specific color masterbatch, according to Barcelona-based Delta Tecnic, a masterbatch supplier to cable manufacturers and PVC processors.

Delta Tecnic has developed a single masterbatch capable of covering the same color in different TPU grades. Rather than having to use a specific color masterbatch reference for each TPU compound according to its fire resistance, manufacturers can opt for a single color masterbatch that is compatible with different TPU compounds, simplifying the number of references and unifying the final color of the cables manufactured, regardless of the degree of flame retardant required.

TPU has become increasingly important in the cable industry, especially in electric vehicle charging. Thanks to its flexibility, resistance, and suitability for outdoor use, TPU is an optimal material for cables used in charging stations and electric vehicles. This demand for TPU has fueled the need for efficient, custom solutions, said Delta Tecnic.

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