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TPVs Containing Up to 40% Recycled Content to Debut at Fakuma

Sarlink thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) from Teknor Apex integrate high-quality post-industrial recycled content and represent a recyclable, lightweight alternative to EPDM.

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August 24, 2023

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Sarlink resin
Image courtesy Teknor Apex

Sarlink thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) from Teknor Apex have long been selected for automotive applications requiring superior elasticity and long-term performance, as a recyclable, lightweight alternative to EPDM rubber. The latest series, Sarlink RX 3100B, was developed to help automotive brands achieve sustainability targets by incorporating up to 40% post-industrial recyclate (PIR), depending on the hardness.

These multi-purpose TPVs are suitable for injection molding, extrusion, overmolding, and co-extrusion with polypropylene or other thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs). Applications for high-durometer grades include the backbone or carrier for extruded seals, like in glass run channels, or boots, bellows, and other under-hood components.

The two grades — 84 and 94 Shore A — are based on the existing Sarlink 3100 series technology, but contain, respectively, 25% and 40% recycled content. The materials are processed and perform similarly to their virgin counterparts yet offer sustainability benefits such as reduced dependency on virgin petroleum-based plastic. Sarlink RX 3100B TPVs are pre-colored black and can still be recycled in process or at the end of the product’s life cycle.

The use of PIR content versus post-consumer recycled (PCR) content derived from household waste provides for a more controlled and consistent raw material stream that can be used in extrusion-grade TPVs without issue. Teknor Apex treats recycled feedstocks like prime raw materials — they are subject to the same quality assurance testing and must meet relevant specifications for use.

“At Teknor Apex, we recognize our responsibility, as part of the value chain, to manufacture our products as sustainably as possible, while continuing to deliver more sustainable material solutions to the market. We collaborate closely with major brands to understand their sustainability goals and deliver relevant solutions,” said Global Automotive Market Manager Scott Nakon. “Our ongoing projects include new sustainable raw material streams such as recycled and bio-based content, as well as carbon-negative additives. Also, we plan to introduce new thermoplastic elastomers with up to 65% post-consumer recycled content later this year, as well as expand the Recyclon portfolio of recycled polyamide solutions.”

More information and samples of this new series as well as other Teknor Apex solutions can be seen in booth 2114 in hall 2 at the Fakuma trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from Oct. 17 to 21.

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