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Translucent Plastics Reshaping Auto Design Landscape, Claims LyondellBasell

EVs, in particular, stand to benefit from new PP compound grades that deliver an “innovative platform for creativity.”

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October 20, 2023

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Image courtesy of LyondellBasell

The automotive world is witnessing a new design era, as translucent plastics pave the way for more personalization and light effects. Automotive OEMs in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, in particular, are seeking eye-catching light effects that promise to reshape the landscape of automotive design.

Targeting this trend, materials supplier LyondellBasell has introduced a new range of translucent polypropylene (PP) compounds under its Hifax and Hostacom brand names that, it says, offer OEMs an “innovative platform for creativity.”

The Hifax and Hostacom grades reportedly surmount challenges, such as yellowing and low rigidity, thanks to LyondellBasell’s compounding technology. Featuring visual effects, UV resistance, and durability, these mono-material solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with standard automotive paint. “Whether it's crafting captivating light displays within vehicle interiors or creating striking exterior aesthetics, Hifax and Hostacom translucent compounds are setting a new industry benchmark for translucent applications,” said LyondellBasell.

"[Our] translucent polypropylene compounds empower designers with the freedom to explore new territories, enabling them to create captivating and memorable automotive experiences,” stressed Business Development Manager Alexandre Martin. “Enabling mono-material solutions, these Hifax and Hostacom translucent grades are not only innovative but also environmentally responsible choices."

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