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New Xecarb ST family combines advanced lightweighting benefits with improved impact strength.

September 22, 2022

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super-tough carbon-fiber composite
Image courtesy of Xenia Materials

Xenia Materials has introduced the Xecarb ST family of super-tough carbon-fiber composites, engineered to close a performance gap in the market and improve impact-strength performance.

“There is a growing demand for lightweight composites in various new markets, such as sustainable mobility and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), where we have identified a need for higher impact resistance than previously offered by carbon-fiber-reinforced composites,” said Cristian Zanchetta, Technical Manager for R&D at Xenia Materials. “Our new Xecarb ST family meets these challenges while at the same time opening new opportunities for innovative applications in existing market segments, such as sports equipment, appliances, supercars, and even additive manufacturing.”

Xecarb ST builds on the proven mechanical strengths of Xenia’s successful Xecarb range, but shows significantly higher notched impact resistance, low temperature ductility, and tensile elongation at break. With slightly lower density, the new carbon-fiber-composite technology offers these unmatched advantages together with further lightweighting possibilities. Customers seeking to improve the impact and cold-impact performance of carbon-fiber-composite applications are already evaluating the added potential for weight reductions, lower material and energy consumption, associated cost savings, and reduced environmental impact.

Xecarb ST thermoplastic composites are based on selected polyamide matrix materials — PA 66, PA 6, PA 11, PA 12, PA 6.10, PA 6.12 and PA 4.10 — addressing different mechanical, thermal, and physical requirements. Standard carbon-fiber content is 30% (CF30). The PA6-based composites are also available as CF20, CF25, CF35, and CF40 grades. In addition, the portfolio includes two high-modulus materials for enhanced flexural strength and provides a wide engineering window for further customization depending on specific application needs.

“Beyond winter and mountain sports equipment from boots and running shoes to bikes, these new high-impact carbon-fiber composites will help us reach into other markets and further expand our customer base in Europe, APAC, and North America,” adds Enrico Mancinetti, Sales Manager. “Driving this growth, Xenia Materials will also increase its European sales force with a strong focus on qualified local customer support and service.”

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