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The developer of intelligent process cooling systems introduces advanced 3PR control technology and variable frequency drives for its new Aquagel GPV Process Pump sets.

Clare Goldsberry

August 24, 2017

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Frigel’s Process Pump sets optimize efficiency and energy consumption

Frigel (Florence, Italy), a developer of intelligent process cooling systems, has introduced its advanced 3PR control technology and variable frequency drives (VFD) for its new Aquagel GPV Process Pump sets, which combine to ensure the pumps operate at peak efficiency with the lowest possible energy consumption.

The enhanced Aquagel GPV is part of Frigel’s family of pumping, reservoir and filtration systems designed for fast, economical expansion with Frigel's Ecodry or Heavygel central cooling systems.

The 3PR control console allows users to easily monitor pump performance data such as pressure, flow rate, and VFD capacity in real-time and to make adjustments on the fly. 3PR functionality includes:

  • Alarm and fault indicators and a history log to identify potential system issues;

  • visibility into all pump values including pressure, calculated flow rate and temperature;

  • real-time data for pressure versus set point;

  • pump variables in real time, including speed, frequency and energy consumption.

The VFD pumping assembly on the Aquagel GPV pump sets automatically equalizes pressure depending on process cooling demands. As such, the units deliver the best possible performance with the least amount of energy consumption. Additional highlights of the Aquagel GPV pump sets include:

  • A modular bolt-on design for easy integration with Ecodry or Heavygel central systems;

  • multiple selections of high-efficiency pump and motor assemblies to meet any system requirements;

  • pre-wired inverter drives per pumps ranging from 40 to 60 Hz;

  • available manual mode operation with each inverter;

  • automatic pump cycling, including standby pumps, to equalize running times;

  • complete factory-supplied trim with non-ferrous wetted surfaces.

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