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Hasco introduces compact hot-runner and in-mold memory systems

Hasco (Lüdenscheid, Germany) has announced the introduction of a mold memory unit that stores all the information about the mold directly in the mold and a compact hot runner system.

Clare Goldsberry

November 9, 2015

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Hasco introduces compact hot-runner and in-mold memory systems

The Mold Memory A5800 is permanently installed in the mold and can be used to archive all mold- and article-specific data. The robust data storage device has a capacity of 16 GB and a USB 2.0 interface, and withstands temperatures up to 100°C. A two-component protective flap with a TPE seal provides protection against splashes and soiling. The special design permits flush mounting directly in the mold, preferably in the risers, without any protrusions that would constitute a hindrance.

The A5800 offers full traceability of production data, something that is gaining ever-increasing importance for quality assurance purposes, said Hasco.

Hasco H4070 hot-runner system.

Also announced by Hasco is the company's new compact hot-runner system, the H4070 with a multi-module design complementing the extension of Hasco's proven multi-shot product line. In just five working days, Hasco promises to deliver a complete system with a fixed spacing of 22 mm, comprising 8 or 4 modified Techni Shot nozzles and a naturally balanced manifold, fully assembled and ready to install.

Leak-free operation is guaranteed. The nozzle tips and heating can be mounted from the parting plane, facilitating maintenance. The cable outlets rotate freely in the radial direction.

Nozzle lengths up to 125 mm are available, along with variable nozzle tips in CuCoBe or TZM. Individually controllable nozzles and manifolds ensure a uniform temperature profile and permit the use of engineering plastics with a narrow processing range. The option of a finished "hot half" H4470 with outside dimensions of only 196 x 196 mm minimizes outlay on tooling and production, with the added benefit of increased productivity and reduced production times for injection molds.

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