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Beside-The-Press, Two-Stage Granulators Are Screenless

Article-Beside-The-Press, Two-Stage Granulators Are Screenless

Beside-The-Press, Two-Stage Granulators Are Screenless
PN 22A-02/00The Bi-Cutter beside-the-press granulator from Size Reduction Specialists uses two stages to reduce plastic materials. The first-stage cutters rotate at 15 rpm, while an S-shaped breaking blade cuts  the plastic into small pieces.

The second-stage rotates at 45 rpm and its rotary and stationary cutters reduce the material into uniform granules, which then fall into a collector bin for removal.

These low rpm and horsepower units are said to reduce maintenance and energy costs. They also have atilt-back hopper and a cutting chamber with side-plates that swing up to allow full access to the cutters.

Three models are available: the SR68, with a 6- x 8-in. cutting chamber and 3 x 5 mm PN 22B-02/00 cutters; the SR1013, which has a 10- x 13-in. cuttingchamber and 6 x 6 mm cutters; and the SR1517, which has a 15- x 17-in.cutting chamber and 6 x 6 mm cutters.

All units are available in 208 volt, 230 volt or 460 volt with direct drive. The wide-mouth hoppers have windows and come with D-2 steel second-stage cutters.

In addition, the manufacturer says these granulators have a very small footprint per horsepower. Footprints range from 15.75 x 16.25 in. to 27 x29 in.

The manufacturer asks that you contact them directly for pricing information. Use the Key Contact Directory.

Size ReductionSpecialists Corp.
East Lansing, MI

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