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Bioplastics News Stream January 2023

Article-Bioplastics News Stream January 2023

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Automotive bioplastic market, turning Baltic Sea algae into bioplastic, balanced bioplastic assessment, 3D-printed bioplastic mesh that replaces plaster casts, biopolymers from wastewater.

One of the most dynamic categories in plastics is for bioplastics aka biopolymers and related bio-based materials made from renewable sources. The articles PlasticsToday publishes related to this high-interest, fast-accelerating topic represent only the fraction of what’s happening in this market. That’s the idea behind this new curated stream of Tweets drawn from Twitter dedicated to bioplastic news, research, and innovations for January 2023. It will be updated regularly throughout the month with the newest posts at the top. 

Automotive bioplastic market accelerating at ~11% yearly to reach $1.442 billion.

Biochemist turns noxious Baltic Sea algae into bioplastic, animal feed.

Balanced assessment of bioplastics’ value for sustainability.

Brazilian startup helps patients break up with plaster casts a breathable, 3D-printed  bioplastic mesh.

Paques Biomaterials makes degradable bioplastic from wastewater.

Bioplastic from peas.

Bioplastics research using orange peel shows juicy results and while reducing food waste.

Printable biopolymer sensors glow in the presence of bacteria, toxins, and dangerous chemicals in the environment.

Bioplastic Packaging Market is booming at a 25.5% CAGR.

Review of 2022 for bioplastics, compostable packaging: green thumbs’ up.

Braskem considers building bio-PP plant in the US.

Fraunhofer WKI, IAP develop flame-retardant bioplastic that can be processed via 3D printing.

Bio-based polyolefin (PE, PP) market set for stellar growth.

Virginia Tech researcher is upscaling production of PHA-based bioplastic from food waste.

Winchester E-Tech shells use wads made of compostable biopolymers.

Biodegradable bioplastic bags from invasive water hyacinth.

Fortune Magazine reports on California startup Newlight Technologies, which turns greenhouse gas into a biodegradable plastic Nike, H&M, and other companies.

Chitafoam made from lobster chitin is a substitute for “styrofoam” aka polystyrene (PS) foam aka expanded PS.

Research: Rice straw converted into nanocellulose biopolymer.

Rethinking compostable packaging.

Research: Slime from velvet worms entraps prey in a hardened biopolymer that inspires new fast-drying bioplastics.

Window with a bioplastic view.

A concrete example of biopolymers in construction.

Student researcher aims to create bioplastics from duckweed.

Biodegradable Disposable Tableware Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.0% to reach a value of $14.23 billion in 2032.

Biodegradable golf balls are made of corn starch and polyvinyl alcohol.

AIMPLAS’ pilot line is ready to produce bio-based nanomaterials for agricultural and food applications.

Land use must be considered in the bioplastics-from-biomass equation.


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Breaking News in Bioplastics

Bioplastics and related bio-based materials made from renewable resources are among the hottest categories in plastics today. Keep up with the pace of innovation with our bioplastics news stream.