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June 1, 2001

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Dual-Hopper Mini Dryer Is Suited For Micro-Molding And Lab Facilities

June, 2001


Dual-Hopper Mini Dryer IsSuited For Micro-MoldingAnd Lab Facilities

0601pn-8.jpgDri-Air's new dual-hopper mini dryer can dry two different materials at different temperatures (from 150 to 450 F). The unit has separate temperature controllers and booster heaters that allow for this individual control. The company says these units are ideal for micro-molding applications and laboratory use. They can dry a sample as small as 1 lb.

The dryer is equipped with 5-lb stainless steel insulated hoppers that can be mounted directly on top of Dri-Air's line of two-bed and four-bed 35-cu-ft/min desiccant dryers to save floor space. Footprint is 17 x 23 in. Dried material is dispensed from the hopper into a container placed on a built-in shelf.

Price, without dryer, is $3900.

Dri-Air Industries, Inc.
East Windsor, CT Circle 102

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