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February 1, 2001

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Feedblock, Flat Die And Coating Station Now Available in U.S.

Extrusion Tooling:

Feedblock, Flat Die And Coating Station Now Available in U.S.

0201pn-21.jpgER-WE-PA Davis-Standard has three new extrusion tooling products: the Lamella-Feedblock for the production of coextruded multi-layer structure in flat filmcoextrusion, the automatic 310A die for single coating and coextrusion coating applications and a coating station with an engraved roller for rotogravure coating. These items were developed in Germany but are available from Davis-Standard's New Jersey location.

Coextrusion feedblock The Lamella-Feedblock is located in front of the flat film die, and exchangeable feedblock inserts are said to simplify production and reproducibility of multi-layer structures.

Examples of multi-layer structures produced with the feedblock include AB (5%/95%) and BAB (5%/90%/5%), as well as barrier structures with five, seven or more layers, such as CBABC (40%-PP/5%- adhesive/10%-EVOH/5%-adhesive/40%-PP) with or without barrier layer side encapsulation. A scrap layer can also be added on one or both sides.

0201pn-22.jpgAutomatic flat die, the 310A, features a coathanger manifold with a die control program characterized by short reaction times. It has a slot width range of 800 to 5000 mm. A cross-profile control on the die is available via push-pull expansion bolts, which are temperature controlled.

Other features include a deckling system with edge bead reduction, removable/ exchangeable die lips, chrome-plated flow channel, pre-wired cartridge heaters and insulation on the top and sides of the die.

Coating station is designed for line speeds up to 400 m/min and is equipped with a gravure roll and pressure roll. The station can be used for rotogravure coating and has a doctor blade in two directions.

Maximum web width is 1700 mm; minimum is 800 mm. Unit also has a height adjustable ink pan with reverse movement to the tank.

The pressure roll features pneumatic adjustment, an automatic release at line stop, digital pressure indication and a sleeve changing system. Because the sleeves can be changed laterally, it is not necessary to cut the web. 

ER-WE-PA Davis-Standard
Somerville, NJ

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