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May 7, 2000

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News from Molding 2000:  2001 TXM machines

The industry is anxiously awaiting the formal commercialization of Husky’s TXM molding systems. Meanwhile, Husky reportedly has built four 500-metric-tonners so far, and has produced a slick new brochure describing its machinery program.

The good news is that Husky is staffing a dedicated TXM business group that should include 32 employees by year’s end to ensure a smooth global debut. The full rollout of Husky’s line will be in 2001. The 500-ton model will be joined by 90- and 225-metric-ton models in Q1, with a 1000-metric-ton model to follow. At Molding 2000, Tim Creasy, product manager of Husky’s newly christened Thixosystems business group, updated the audience on the company’s progress. The division’s name was created by Robert Schad, Husky’s president, and is a registered trademark.

Creasy reviewed the process and detailed many of the performance properties of TXM magnesium alloys—properties that are exciting OEMs and designers in consumer electronics, IT, telecom, and automotive markets—including light weight, stiffness, and inherent EMI/RFI shielding capabilities (80+ dB at 1 mm).

During the spirited Q&A period following his talk, someone in the audience tried to nail him on prices of TXM magnesium alloy parts vs. plastic piece prices. Creasy’s response: "Take the plastic price and add that together with the shielding price when you’re comparing costs."

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