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April 1, 1999

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Product News - Nozzle News: Units Allow For Tight Gate Spacing, Runnerless MoldingOf Small Parts

Nozzle News: Units Allow For Tight Gate Spacing, Runnerless Molding

Of Small Parts

pn15-499.jpgDynisco has introduced two new hot runner nozzle products, the CA-Series, which is said to allow for tight gate spacing, and the MCB-Series, which is designed for runnerless molding of small parts.

Please contact the company directly for pricing information on these products (see the Key Contact Directory). 

Tight gate spacing (minimum center-to-center spacing is 22 mm) is possible with the CA-Series hot runner nozzles, which are designed for use with the manufacturer's VC-Series compact hot runner manifolds (Jan '99 PA, p 23).

These externally heated 230-volt, open flow bushings have a 4-mm flow channel and body lengths between 36 to 86 mm. The manufacturer says they are suitable for use with a narrow processing window and can be incorporated into a variety of injection configurations. They also allow for tighter gate spacing because of their small size.

Interchangeable tip inserts are said to ease maintenance and improve overall performance and productivity.

PN 15a-4/99Multi-tip nozzle, called the MCB, is said to be useful for direct gating small parts or providing multiple gates on large parts.

Available in up to four tips per nozzle, Dynisco claims that a molder can cut part piece cost by as much as 25% when compared to individual hot runners. The company says using the multi-tip nozzle reduces melt volume inside the runner channels and the resulting improvement in melt residence time is substantially shortened because it can feed four parts per nozzle.

The screw-in tips are made of 'wear resistant' alloys and are designed to provide efficient color change. The gate-to-gate pitch dimension is available from 19 to 33 mm, depending on the nozzle and number of tips.

Dynisco HotRunners
Gloucester, MA 

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