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In 1978, brothers Steve and Mike Bales began working out of a 1000-ft2 space in Lombard, IL, offering diamond polishing services. The company they launched was called Bales Mold Service (www.balesmold.com), and 30 years later, they are on the cusp of opening a 14,000-ft2 tech center.

Amie Chitwood

September 29, 2008

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Bales celebrates three decades in business

“We've gotten bigger and better-and greener,” says Steve Bales, president of the company, which is now located in Downers Grove, IL. “The U.S. mold industry has experienced some rough times in recent years, but we've carefully planned and executed ways in which we can help our customers continue to compete in a global market. The new facility incorporates 'green' technology that cuts costs, and state-of-the-art inspection and chemical analysis systems that ensure a quality outcome no matter where or how the molds are built.”

Bales also provides plating and micro TIG welding services, and develops new plating materials.

In addition to celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the company has appointed seven-year polishing department veteran Jon Bailey as its new general manager.

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