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More Americans are adding bidets to their bathrooms when they renovate. Global toilet seat maker Bemis Manufacturing Co. took notice and acquired Bio Bidet, which has had success in bringing bidets and smart toilet seats to the US market.

Clare Goldsberry

January 18, 2021

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Global toilet seat maker Bemis Manufacturing Co. has acquired Bio Bidet, a company that has had success bringing bidets and smart toilet seats to the US market.

According to Bemis, the pandemic has forced Americans to transform the way they live in, use, and invest in their homes, and the bathroom is one of the most impacted rooms of the house. Home improvement projects are on the rise, and nearly one in five renovators (17%) who upgraded their toilet added a seat with a bidet, up four percentage points from 2019, according to the Houzz 2020 US Bathroom Trends Study cited by Bemis.

For more than 90 years, Bemis has engineered toilet seats that are distributed worldwide through retail and wholesale channels. The products range from durable enameled wood seats to modern plastic models.

Bio Bidet has spent more than a decade touting the environmental, hygienic, and practical benefits bidet toilet seats can provide to US households, transforming the bidet from a French-inflected luxury into a more common household item.

“Bio Bidet’s innovative production offering and engineering capabilities perfectly complement the strength of Bemis, including our market penetration and distribution network,” said Jeff Lonigro, President and CEO of Bemis. “Together, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of bidet and smart toilet seats to further enhance consumers’ hygiene, sustainability, and wellness.”

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