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July 8, 2020

1 Min Read
Boost Efficiency in the QC Laboratory: How NIRS Helps Reduce Costs up to 90%

Underestimation of Quality Control (QC) processes is one of the major factors leading to internal and external product failure, which have been reported to cause a loss of turnover between 10–30%. As a result, many different norms are put in place to support manufacturers with their QC process. However, time to result and the associated costs for chemicals can be quite excessive. This paper illustrates the potential of near-infrared-spectroscopy (NIRS) and displays potential cost savings of up to 90%

What you will learn:

• Why QC/QA causes 10 -30% of turnover loss and how to counter this.

• How NIRS works and the advantages of this technique compared to conventional methods.

• How NIRS can reduce running quality control costs by 90% with a specific example.

• How typical quality parameters in the chemical, petrochemical and polymer industry (e.g. OH-Number, Viscosity, Moisture, RON, MON, Olefins) can be quantified using NIRS.

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