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PC film allows matte finish for inmold decorating

August 23, 2008

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PC film allows matte finish for inmold decorating

Heat causes traditional polycarbonate film to become glossy and lose its texture during film insert molding. This often requires molders and decorators to perform extra processing steps such as applying first-surface texture coats to control the appearance of the finished part. According to Bayer, its new grade of Makrofol PC film eliminates overprinting with the lowest first-surface gloss value available in the marketplace, less than 4 gloss units. Traditional PC films typically have a first-surface gloss greater than 5 gloss units.

In addition to bezels and other automotive interior applications, Makrofol DE VLG 7-1D film can be used for second surface appliqués that require inked gloss values lower than those attainable with other textured film products, such as nameplates and dials on appliances, electronics, and other decorated products. The film is available in thicknesses of .010, .015, and .020 inch, with a first-surface velvet texture and second-surface gloss texture. It can be purchased in 24-by-48-inch sheets, as well as in rolls up to 48 inches wide. Pricing information was not provided.

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