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Tremendous demand for drainage pipes in the agricultural sector spurred the growth project, which will result in dozens of new jobs in the Auburn, IL, area.

May 27, 2022

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Springfield Plastics Inc. announced that it will embark on a major growth project that will include a 63,000-square-foot expansion at its Auburn, IL, location and could lead to as many as 65 new full-time positions. Construction will begin in early 2023 with expected completion in 2024. Hiring for the 65 new positions will begin immediately.

The initiative is in response to “tremendous growth” in the agricultural industry, specifically within the tile drainage sector, said Springfield Plastics. Over the past several years, the company said that it has expanded to deliver its products to a nine-state area. It also added a second location in Humboldt, IA, to service customers farther to the north and west.

Staff is expected to be added in sales, shipping, accounting, engineering, and manufacturing. “Our customers have come to expect a high level of service from our committed front-line and support staff,” said company Vice President Jennifer Furkin in a prepared statement. “By adding depth to nearly every department, we will be able to provide that same service to more customers across a larger geographic area.”

Tile and fittings production is handled at the Auburn plant. New or expanded facilities as part of this growth plan include production, raw materials management, quality control and assurance, and warehousing. “Having the expanded manufacturing capabilities along with implementing even newer technologies will allow for significant growth in our production capacity,” said Doug Baker, Vice President – Production. “Our new facilities and staff additions to operate them will fold seamlessly into our continued commitment to provide more product on time to our loyal and new customers.”

Springfield Plastics has manufactured plastic pipe products since 1978. It is the only US manufacturer certified to use only 100% virgin resin in all of its products.

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