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CAM package for wire EDM enhanced

Article-CAM package for wire EDM enhanced

Through a partnership with several machine tool manufacturers, DP Technology enhanced and customized its Windows-based Esprit CAM software package (for wire EDM programming) towards particular EDM machines. Customized input windows can now be created specifically for Charmilles machines with Fanuc controllers, AgieCut Evolution and Classic machines, and Ona wire EDM machines.

It offers a variety of machine-specific features, which overall can improve programming time by up to 80 percent, according to the manufacturer. With each interface, Esprit implements time-saving features and uses terminology specific to the individual machine tool, making the software easy to understand and operate.

For example, Esprit software allows the Charmilles user to generate CMD files directly from the technology page. ISO and CMD files are now output from a single post processor. Also, Esprit eliminates the need for separate two- and four-axis post-processors. Another example is Esprit?s support for Agie?s new Evolution and Classic machines. It includes a single post-processor for the generation of ISO, SBL, and SBR files. For the Ona and Charmilles interfaces, Esprit automates skim cuts and land and taper strategy and provides support for four-axis skimming. Esprit also provides Mitsubishi KBM support for FX1 and FX-10 series machines.

According to the manufacturer, the best new time-saving feature in the software is OpenGL shading, which allows the user to shade a part once and immediately view an accurate 3-D rendering, dynamically panning, zooming, and rotating the part to view critical areas in real time. Together with a new collection of vivid colors and light sources, this feature allows objects to be simulated for viewing quickly and accurately.

An international version with support for several languages, including French, German, Italian, and Spanish, is also available. Esprit four- and five-axis wire EDM programming packages start at $5995.

DP Technology
Camarillo, CA
Phone: (805) 388-6000
Fax: (805) 388-3085

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