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April 1, 2000

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Hot Runner Controller Suited To Global Markets

Hot Runner ControllerSuited To Global Markets

groupimage28.jpgThe GLC 2000 hot runner temperature controller is designed for applications requiring up to 36 control zones. Unit has similar features common to larger units, such as total system protection, an array of alarms and several communications and diagnostics options.

A PIDD control algorithm is said to provide reliability. All functions are accessible via the control panel. The single-tier enclosure measures 18.75 x 9 x 15 in. and accommodates up to 12 control modules, each rated at 15 amps. The compact enclosure is said to allow easy access to all components and integration into the molding cell.

The GLC 2000 supports Euromap 17 communications and is well-suited to global markets because it allows for type 'J' or 'K' thermocouples, F or C temperature display and Delta- or Wye-connected main input power sources. It also has an interface with universal icons.

The controller is available for delivery within four weeks, matching the delivery times for Husky Pronto hot runners (Dec '99 PA, p 14) and can be supplied individually or as part of a fully assembled and tested hot runner system.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Inc.
Milton, VT 

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