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ERP evolution

Article-ERP evolution

The latest version of molder-friendly ERP software from IQMS (Paso Robles, CA), Enterprise IQ is packed with visibility and control enhancements, like right-click ?jump? features and color coding to further improve your quality management, inventory control, outsourcing?you name it. Whether you?re local or global, IQMS software modules allow you to cost-effectively tailor your ERP system to your company?s requirements. And existing customers receive new upgrades and the updated documentation on a CD for free. Here?s what?s new in the latest release:

? Outsource central module. Want to track the status of the partially completed or completed products you?re outsourcing from your vendors at their locations? Receive everything from BOM to scrap rates? This brand-new module does just that. And with the capability to drag and drop inventory and product from multiple locations, it?s a real plus for global molders.
? Cost of quality module. Dealing with rejects, unscheduled machine downtime, returns, and reworking? This module allows you to quickly spot the costs of poor quality and eliminate them.
? Multiple real-time machine monitoring meters. This enhancement to the machine monitoring meters allows you to see a variety of summary information, including efficiency, unscheduled downtime, and scrap on multiple machines, multiple types of manufacturing equipment, multiple manufacturing cells, or multiple facilities?all on one screen, kind of like a speedometer for your plant.
? Report catalog and executable log. Enhanced security for more than 900 standard reports is provided by this new module. It also lets you customize additional reports. All the reports are shown in its report catalog on a single screen and can be viewed and printed in a PDF format. Its executable log shows which user(s) printed the last report and when it was printed, so you can keep track of a number of things like the last run, how long the last run took, and who was running it.?CK

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