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Screw Layout Designer 2.0 Released by Entek

The first major upgrade for the software since its introduction in 2018 makes it easier to optimize screw and barrel configurations on Entek’s twin-screw extruders.

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August 6, 2023

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Screw Layout Designer 2.0 on computer screen
Image courtesy of Entek

The first major upgrade of the Screw Layout Designer program has been released by Entek Manufacturing. Screw Layout Designer 2.0 offers new features that make it easier for customers to design the optimal screw and barrel configurations for Entek’s twin-screw extruders.

The original program launched in 2018 allowed Entek customers to input screw and barrel layouts to optimize screw configurations for specific twin-screw extruder applications. After inputting all relevant data, the program produced both visual drawings and spreadsheet layouts.  

The software includes drag-and-drop functionality on all components that customers need to specify, such as barrel sections, screws, and metallurgy. It also enables automatic calculation of remaining space on the screw shafts and safeguards to prevent incorrect installation of certain elements.

Screw Layout Designer 2.0 includes the following new features:

  • Metallurgy is shown visually for barrels and screws, with key at bottom.

  • Incompatibilities trigger pop-up warnings as they occur in the layout and are listed on the printed or saved layouts.

  • Materials and item numbers can be included on printed or saved layouts to facilitate ordering of replacement parts.

  • Settings for extruder diameter and length can be easily changed. 

“Over the past few years, we have talked with our customers to learn what they liked most about the program, and what could be better,” said Tammy Straw, director of Entek’s Wear Parts Division and project lead on Screw Layout Designer 2.0. “This updated program addresses their most common requests and makes it easier than ever to design screw configurations for specific applications.”  

Screw Layout Designer 2.0 is designed for use with all Entek twin-screw extruders ranging in size from 27 to 133 mm.

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