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The patented Multidrive system, developed by Italian extrusion technology company Bausano, decreases stress on the motor assembly, improves precision, and reduces energy use.

PlasticsToday Staff

February 1, 2021

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Bausano extruder
Image: Bausano

Italian extrusion technology company Bausano announced today the introduction of its next-generation, twin-screw plastics extrusion systems in the United States and Canada. The MD Plus and MD Nextmover lines are suited for extruding pipes, granules, wood plastic composites, and profiles as well as materials used in the medical industry.

The patented Multidrive transmission system, a careful study of screw geometry, and new generations of motors and tools for consumption analysis combine to deliver high levels of efficiency, durability, reliability, and sustainability, said Bausano in making the announcement. 

“Our extrusion lines are the result of advanced engineering that combines innovation with more than 70 years of know-how in plastic transformation processes,” said Vice President Clemente Bausano in a prepared statement. He stressed that the Multidrive system increases the efficiency and service life of the extrusion equipment.

Bausano extruder smart energy button

The Smart Energy System lessens equipment wear and tear and reduces energy consumption.

Multidrive technology substantially reduces stress on motor shafts, gears, and screws by distributing tightening torque strain between two pairs of motors, explained the company. This design improves precision while reducing energy use. It also reduces the likelihood of failure caused by excessive stress on mechanical components and ensures a longer average service life for the machine. The motors are managed by a single static frequency converter, which ensures consistent, synchronized rotation. 

The MD Nextmover line features a new Digital Extruder Control 4.0 system with a capacitive, multitouch, panoramic screen. It performs continuous, real-time screening, precisely analyzing extrusion parameters and consumption at each stage of the production cycle. The MD Nextmover also includes an innovative Smart Energy System for contactless cylinder heating. By using an alternating electromagnetic field, equipment wear and tear is reduced and energy savings up to 35% can be achieved. 

Both twin-screw lines also feature special multi-stage thrust bearings, which are designed to triple the dynamic load and enable the extruders to handle high volumes of production. For smaller lines, Bausano has developed Multidrive 2x2, which features a single pair of motors to reduce overall dimensions while optimizing gearbox operation.

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